Star2 and $tupid Young

Entitled 6 Ft. Away the two Asian-American rappers, Star2 and $tupid Young, return with a punchy anthem about their thrilling lifestyle in the limelight. Over thumping bass, a razor-sharp beat, and intoxicating rhythmics, Star2 and $tupid Young note on the lessons they’ve learned from fame and fortune.

Star2 reached out to $tupid Young very early in his singing/rap career. $tupid Young, an icon in the Asian music community – the first to pave the way for Asian artists in the rap and hip hop lane. $tupid Young’s parents experienced refugee camps after fleeing the Killing Fields and Khmer Rouge in Cambodia; Star2 was born in Mae La refugee camp in Thailand after his family fled the brutal Burmese Army committing genocide and targeting Star2’s ethnic mountain tribe –the Ka-ren of Burma.

“6 Ft. Away” blends influences of burlesque and hip-hip for an enthralling sonic experience chalk full of sharpened rhythmics, and heavy undertones of bass. The visuals profile Star2 and $tupid Young throwing money at a strip club and performing in a graffiti-stroked parking lot with elements of comic book inspired animation that enhance their personas. Star2 raps, “Everybody say they love me now, cause they see the fame and the money. Better stay away from me – matter fact 6 ft. away from me.” The single is a dynamic hip-hop collaboration between Star2 and $tupid Young who can both agree, while fame has immersed them in a surreal and exciting reality, it has also illuminated fake relationships.

“I want more Asian artists to win,” says $tupid Young. He has collabed with Star2 on a six track EP due out in March with features from MB Nel, Chinatown Runner, Gee Kade, and Lil Poppa.