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Total Hip Replacement

The unique Danish/Ghanaian band’s new single “Rain Or Sun” tells a story of perseverance

Total Hip Replacement & Anyankofo was launched in 2022 with the release of a collaboration album “Anyankofo” recorded in Ghana. The album and following tour sparked international interest, and the group was invited back to Europe in 2023 with 30 concerts in France, Germany, DK and Poland.

It is with great pride that Total Hip Replacement & Anyankofo presents another collaboration with renowned musician and producer Kwame Yeboah, singer Nsroroma and musicians from highlife group Santrofi. “Rain or Sun” brings hope for change in a modern mix of reggae and highlife with the melodic guitar and bubbling keys creating a setting in which the melancholic vocals and horns intertwine.


Highlife, reggae, pop


MiM, whose real name is Emilien Bernaux, is a music producer and composer from Paris. He is the founder of Lafayette Street Studio (Music & Sound Design).

Le Bruit De La Lumière : A sonic journey from the film by Valentin Petit. Bridging cloud trap and synth-wave, it’s inspired by a unique character: after being struck by lightning, she hears every burst of light. Experience a world where light becomes music in this standout track.



Cloud Trap - Trip-Hop - Electronica

Emilio Lanza

Acoustic Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar meets Pop Songwriting.

Hello there! I’m Emilio Lanza, a Naples-born singer-songwriter, and you might have caught one of my covers shared by none other than Ed Sheeran. Yes, the Ed Sheeran! That moment was an amazing milestone on my journey. Music for me isn’t just an art form – it’s my oxygen. Much of my learning came from immersing myself in the craft of guitar masters – studying their chops on Youtube, then adding my own spin to it. I started my Youtube channel by recording covers of my favourite artists – Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Adam Rafferty, Mike Dawes and many other Pop and Rock Artists and Bands. In 2015, my music took a significant turn. I took Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar lessons from with the remarkable Adam Rafferty, and I began sharing my very own songs online. And then, I had the fantastic opportunity to meet James Bay, online and in person, and to see that Ed Sheeran himself had shared my cover of one of his songs! My tunes often delve into raw emotions – heartbreak and loss have played a strong part in determining my identity as a singer-songwriter. But I believe in turning those feelings into beautiful melodies, offering listeners a sense of hope amidst the chaos. I can’t wait for you to hear my music!

The “Rearview Mirror” is a metaphor representing our past, our nightmares, our breakups, our scary thoughts, it can be anything. But the message of the song is positive, according to the song artwork, there is a nice sunset in front of us, and the struggles are left behind us, in the rearview mirror.

The song was inspired by a breakup after a love story of 6 years and other life hardships.



Michael Haney

Born in South Carolina, Michael Haney was a familiar voice on Columbia’s sports radio airwaves for several years. However, beyond the sports discussions, a deeper passion always stirred within him, hinting at melodies and stories waiting for him to tell.

Michael finally took a leap of faith, leaving the comfort of his established radio career and headed to Nashville. With unwavering determination, Haney embraced the challenges and opportunities that awaited him in Music City. He pieced together songs while working odd jobs and hit the road as part of the tech crews with artists such as Will Hoge, Lauren Jenkins, Sister Hazel and the Songwriters In Paradise songwriting festivals. These relationships and experiences helped further inform his writing & ambitions.

This transformative journey is beautifully encapsulated in his upcoming debut EP, “When the Leavin’ Gets Easy.” The title draws inspiration from the EP’s first single, “Easy,”which is a personal reflection of his own story of taking chances and the inevitable pull between the comfort of home and chasing dreams. With co-writing contributions from Levi Lowrey (“Colder Weather”), Chris Canterbury (Quaalude Lullabies), plus a reimagined take on a Tom Petty standard, Haney hopes to offer listeners a timeless musical experience.

From the radio airwaves of South Carolina to the unforgiving path of Nashville, Haney’s EP is a testament to the beauty of taking risks, embracing one’s true calling, and following one’s heart.




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