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Enter a world of Funky Nostalgia through all-original bilingual songs inspired by Retro Tokyo sounds and City Pop blending elements of soul, funk, and jazz into pop-based song-writing steeped in Japanese sentimentalism. Jun Parker’s first two singles released in the second half of 2022 garnered radio play across the continents. With international music festival appearance also under his belt, the Australia-based artist is gearing up for new single releases.

Here comes the club remix version of Say Goodbye recorded in Yokohama, Japan remade into a beat-driven dancer tune. An assured modernised transformation from a City Pop medium number into one that gets your feet tapping while still leaving a retro Tokyo scent behind. Uniquely the song is set in the Australian outback sang in a story-telling fashion in Japanese. The repeated phrases “say goodbye” and “c’est la vie” in chorus bridge the lingual and cultural gap in this apocalyptically surreal and nostalgic storyline.


City Pop, J Pop, Dance Pop

TO THE TOP is a lively and fun Pop, R&B song with optimistic refreshing lyrics that conveys teen spirit by PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE (Japan) and DVI (Thailand). An energetic song for the new generation, it is one which brings hope to listeners, leading them to the highest goal where they are unstoppable.

This is the first international collaboration by PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE since the group debuted in 2022.


Hip Hop, R&B, Pop

Entitled 6 Ft. Away the two Asian-American rappers, Star2 and $tupid Young, return with a punchy anthem about their thrilling lifestyle in the limelight. Over thumping bass, a razor-sharp beat, and intoxicating rhythmics, Star2 and $tupid Young note on the lessons they’ve learned from fame and fortune.

Star2 reached out to $tupid Young very early in his singing/rap career. $tupid Young, an icon in the Asian music community – the first to pave the way for Asian artists in the rap and hip hop lane. $tupid Young’s parents experienced refugee camps after fleeing the Killing Fields and Khmer Rouge in Cambodia; Star2 was born in Mae La refugee camp in Thailand after his family fled the brutal Burmese Army committing genocide and targeting Star2’s ethnic mountain tribe –the Ka-ren of Burma.

“6 Ft. Away” blends influences of burlesque and hip-hip for an enthralling sonic experience chalk full of sharpened rhythmics, and heavy undertones of bass. The visuals profile Star2 and $tupid Young throwing money at a strip club and performing in a graffiti-stroked parking lot with elements of comic book inspired animation that enhance their personas. Star2 raps, “Everybody say they love me now, cause they see the fame and the money. Better stay away from me – matter fact 6 ft. away from me.” The single is a dynamic hip-hop collaboration between Star2 and $tupid Young who can both agree, while fame has immersed them in a surreal and exciting reality, it has also illuminated fake relationships.

“I want more Asian artists to win,” says $tupid Young. He has collabed with Star2 on a six track EP due out in March with features from MB Nel, Chinatown Runner, Gee Kade, and Lil Poppa.



Hip Hop

Rea Fortis combines her love of house, funk and Latin to create earth shattering vocal riffs that are hard to forget. She records and produces all of her material in her studio. Rea Fortis likes to keep the groove going while layering unconventional harmonies, fashioning sounds that make your feet stomp and jaw drop.

Giungla was born from the inspiration of the concrete jungle that is Liverpool, and the music video takes place in some of the most iconic abandoned buildings in the heart of Toxteth. If you want the bite size version, check out the radio edit – and if you can handle the original, welcome to the jungle, baby.



Trance, Latin, House

Peter Glavanov is a multi-faceted guitar player, music producer and songwriter. He has extensive experience in composition, live performance and hundreds studio sessions in a variety of genres including Smooth Jazz, Fusion, Alternative, and Progressive Rock.

Peter has a rich musical backgroud since he grew up in a family of classical musicians. He started his studies in piano at age five. By age ten, he had started to play clarinet as well. Five years later, at fifteen, he received as a present, his grandfather’s acoustic guitar with lessons. Since that moment, guitar became his beloved instrument, hobby and profession.

Sofia native Peter Glavanov released a fusion rock-style single called Colibri to start 2023 with a bang! The single is a high-energy, groovy instrumental track written produced and performed by Peter and a few other well respected Bulgarian musicians.


Fusion Rock

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