Bryan Roscoe – Fake Perfection (We Aren’t)- new out

Bryan Roscoe – Fake Perfection (We Aren’t)- new out

Growing up with my mom as my piano teacher, I threatened to quit many times. Sometimes it takes almost walking away from something you love to realize the true extent of how deep your passion flows through you.

Honest, brutal, gut wrenching words and music grab my attention like no other. Artists like Billy Joel , Elton John , Sara Bareilles , Ben Folds , Ben Platt and so many others opened my eyes toward the depth of human emotion through story telling and word craft.

I hope you’ll find me authentic and genuine with a glimpse into my heart and soul in every word and melody I write.

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Created as an anthem for those struggling with deep battles with eating disorders, depression, and overall lack of self worth, Fake Perfection was created from a place of longing for societal norms of beauty to give people a break.

As someone who’s seen friends, family, and my fiancée struggle with these feelings, I want this song to be a proclamation that “we aren’t” what society considers to be perfection.