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Al Jacobi

Al Jacobi is a new wave rapper out of Denmark. His music is a mix of classic lyricism and futuristic production. The song is a conceptual...



D-Jay is an upcoming R&B Artist from Alabama. He is a singer, Songwriter, Rapper and audio engineer. His top musical influences include...



LDUBÉ is a local artist from Swansea trying to make a scene in his hometown to show how much talent there is around the world, especially...

Ishmael the hip hop artist


Ishmael’s latest release All That shows his versatility as an artist, as it’s unlike anything he’s released previously...



This is the single, “IN THE SHIT”, from the upcoming double EP “NO DOORS”(MAY 14TH) by QTdabutcha Spotify iTunes...

kasey lox

Kasey Lox

Kasey Lox created a sound of his own that is a grimy dark sounding tone. His videos are sponsored by Warner Bros so they are eye catching...

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