Queue the Music. Hit Play. episode 6

Queue the Music. Hit Play. episode 6

Queue the Music featuring emerging hip hop artist with a splash of r&b, pop, jazz, rock and more … to add to your playlist.

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“The joy of music should never be interrupted by a commercial.” – Leonard Bernstein

Les Jeux Sont Funk were born in the Dolomites and their polestar is the groove, that is, the abstract energy that generates body movement. Their music has one foot turned towards the funk bands of the 60s and 70s, the other foot aiming at the emotional kaleidoscope of soul and a third (cyborg) foot tempted by the seductions of the electronic scene.

Les Jeux Sont Funk’s new single K2 marks their return to the mothership Irma Records. The song is dedicated to the mountain itself, to the promises of adventure contained in its name (originated from a mistake, as K2 was once considered the second peak of the Karakorum).

This is the most explicitly funk track of the EP “Bergweh”, with an inexorable bass line governing the thang from start to finish.


Tristan Brooks is a Fender Sponsored Artist/Musician-Sound Engineer based in San Diego-California.

Influences: Jeff Buckley, Radio Head & Muse

Don’t Know is a loud grungy scream along with wackiness to spare. The lyrics depict strange themes and imagery whilst also not taking themselves seriously.

Was a blast to record using gear from my newly acquired Fender Sponsorship such as a fender bass VI and deluxe reverb amp.


Tina Piranha is an upbeat cinematic funk band from Austin, Texas. The band specializes in its own particular brand of psychedelic soundtrack music with strong international influences.


The track AM-FM consists of drummer Joshua Roberts, bassist Ben Tiberio, and tenor saxophonist, Jared Yee.

This will the the first of many single releases to follow, as they gear up for a new album to be released in the very near future.


Original Pairs is a Toronto-based band fusing folk, country, jazz, pop and psychedelia into their own inimitable brand of rock’n roll.

The group consists of Andrew Frontini on lead vocals and guitar, Lisa Logan on drums, multi instrumentalist Chris Bartos, Lynda Kraar on bass and Jon Loewen on keys.

The band’s latest album, “Natural State” explores the full range of the group’s musical influences wrapping them around a solid core of dark Americana.

Written in the aftermath of of an actual family feud, Bad Brother tells the fictional tale of a murderous ” bad Brother”, a family visit gone terribly wrong and a cross border rampage. The lyrics are theatrically set to a dark country rock groove.


JRtheBand is an indie multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and music producer based out of Phoenix, AZ. He has been releasing original music since 2019 with 17 releases in the rock-anthem category.

JR writes metaphorically about life experiences shared by all. His sound has been described as “familiar but new”.

Stallion is a song about a hobby that turns into a passion, or something of an obsession. It could be obsession with anything – one’s child, a skill, a feeling.

For JR, the song represents his journey into songwriting. Writing and recording music started off as a cute little hobby, and became the only thing he could think about.

Stallion covers the journey from “baby being dropped at the doorstep” to the “Stallion leaving the barn” because you just can’t contain it anymore.


Sheep Davis is a little bit of everything with nothing you’ve heard from us before. We’re a husband and wife duo making all of the music.

No record labels, no producers, just us.


ORBA is the name used by songwriter and producer Tony Baden, who is a classically trained pianist from Liverpool, UK, now living in Spain.

The aim of ORBA is to produce musically interesting and very listenable music in a variety of styles, with an overall chilled dance music vibe.

FUNKY FEELING is an upbeat funk based instrumental track which is from the album AMALFI NIGHTS, ORBA’s debut album.

It has a good solid beat with some jazzy elements, and plenty of brass. Made for dancing!


An endless drive to share yourself through music is terrifying. At least, that’s what Jeff says….

I am the voice that fought to get out alive, the decision to stop saying ‘someday’, and the degree of separation that lets these songs be heard. I am Jeff’s friend, Jack.

Bottled Up and Shaken is a tale of circumstances, change, and redemption with a unique song structure that moves the mood of the song from darkness to optimism.

It’s the fourth track of my debut EP ‘In the Mirror’ that was released on 2/3/23.


Yemi Alafifuni is a Christian music recording artist based in the UK. This singer – songwriter combines stunning melodies with infectious grooves and great beats, to create a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound.

Yemi’s passion is to see nations worship in Spirit and in Truth.

Found is an original you’d love to hear over and over again. It was written from a place of resolution to explains why we wouldn’t monetise God.

The essence of being found is not that we love God but that He first loved us. This song fits people looking for new & fresh sound but best of all, those who are hungry for true worship.

Many who have reviewed this song have called it a song of passion that they can relate with.



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