Queue the Music. Hit Play. episode 3

Queue the Music. Hit Play. episode 3

“How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” — Jane Swan

Take a few minutes … scroll, stop & listen. Allow the artists in our spotlight to evoke 

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Triple M is a jack of all trades when it comes to music. A multi-genre artist, producer, singer, songwriter, rapper, and creator originating from Colorado Springs, Triple M is a melting pot of versatility and genres. Triple M delivers an uninhibited aura as his sound is driven by raw emotions through melodies and an array

Instrumental, Hip-Hop, Alternative Hip-Hop
“Queer Pop artist PALMU turned her body-shaming experiences into a body positivity anthem that embraces feeling confident in your own body, no matter the shape or size. Belly Baby is a middle finger to everyone who likes to body shame people. I used to feel sad being called all kinds of names due to my

Pop, Dance Pop, Urban Pop
Knights Club are an international alliance of nomadic performers that travel to the world’s most exclusive parties to deliver an immersive musical experience, where the audience becomes a part of the show, and everyone is part of the Club. Featured on Netflix’s new show “Dated and Related”, their new track, It’s Just a Dance, oozes

soul, pop, indie
Allison Mareek is a multicultural singer and songwriter. Now based in London, where she has found a true melting pot that mirrors her own roots, she’s weaving these influences into a sound that is both familiar and unique. A sound where soulful melodies meet jazz standards, ear-catching blue notes, and a minimalist pop production –

alt-pop; soul
Patella’s Knee is a verdant, fledging song full of life and love. Patella’s Knee has been in my heart for some time, and I am honored and humbled to share the song to the world. Patella’s Knee is a song for everyone. It is about human connection and true friendship. Well, my name is Robert

Singer/songwriter, indie, soulful
Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I was classically trained on violin from a very young age. This year, I broke out from being an instrumentalist to a solo artist. Incorporating my roots (bossa nova/Latin) and combining it with my musical training and other genres I’m passionate about (pop/rock, jazz/soul/funk/fusion), my upcoming album Past/Healing showcases

neo-soul, r&b soul, jazz soul
Rhett Lotilla-Dela Cruz is a singer-songwriter, and a Registered Nurse from Toronto, Canada who has a great passion in music. His mission is to create songs that can encourage and uplift people’s hearts in every circumstance. Starting at a young age, he has already performed as front act in various concerts and has won in

Gospel, Alternative Pop Rock, Christian Rock
Daniel Vincent of DVous Music has been playing keyboards since he was six. In 2021 he started officially publishing the music he had been working on for years, and he released an electronic dance music album and other multi-genre tracks. He teamed up with Ashley Toman for “When I loved you.” She spent time in

Pop, Adult Contemporary

Melo RoZe is a RnB/Pop artist songwriter from Atlanta, GA. Her chill, catchy, smooth melodies and savagge lyrics define her as an artist. Her vocals move from soulful to melodic sing/rap and with her three octave voice range she takes on the personality of each

RnB, Pop, Hip-hop
Backwater Township is a project based out of Montreal, QC that began in 2018 with a vision of challenging a musical genre marred by intellectual elitism and gatekeeping. Founded by Corey Thomas (bass, composer) in 2018, it began as a means of performing original compositions as well as creating arrangements of former Indigenous jazz musicians’

Jazz, Instrumental, Alternative

WAB is a French Pop Soul Funk singer and Beatboxer. This track is an homage to women. Its groove is sensual and it makes you want to fall in love ! (photo credit : Lionel Pesqué)

Garren Grant, better known by his stage name DatYunginG5, is an artist based out of Mims, FL. DatYunginG5 released his debut Mixtape “Monochromatic” in October 2018 through E.S.3.U. Music Group and broke new ground showing the true passion, pain, anger & versatility throughout the 15 song LP. With features from other Florida artists such as

HipHop, Pop

Bekim! is a songwriter & producer of R&B music. He comines different styles blending beatful Classic R&B with melodious modern R&B and soulful vocals. Bekim! works with different vocalists. Through the Storm is a Tropical R&B song hat makes you feel happy. A feel good R&B ballad for when you love someone. Vibey

R&B, Tropical R&B
Eghe Nimose is a singer and record producer from Nigeria. He was Born as Aghayedo Kelvins Eghosa on March 25, 1983 in Benin City – Edo, Nigeria. Since he started releasing music in 2017, Eghe has demonstrated his unique music styles across various genres, from Congolese rumba to Reggae, Dancehall, Electronic, Highlife, Afrobeat, R&B and

R&B, Soul, Afro-Soul
Husband Material is a 3 piece jazz band from Auckland New Zealand, three buddies hanging out, having some laughs and making some tunes. Our song, Library, is the first we wrote together and is part of our EP cotton Socks, each song named after a room, it takes you through a magical house with all

Jazz, lounge, psychedelic
Anonymous GIA (G.I.A) also known as A dot Gia, & Jungle Bebe started his music career 15th January 2021. A self proclaimed nobody chasing a dream, in the hopes that his music will reach, relate and speak to people. His music covers an array of topics, as he writes about his life experiences and expresses

Trap, drill , hip hop
Having met through a local music competition show, The Remix, Soundwave started performing and building their fan base through the competition itself. Since clinching the Vice Champion award of The Remix, both Jevin Julian and Rinni Wulandari have continued releasing music as prolific solo artists, as well as singles together as an electronic music project

Hip Hip, Electronic, Pop
Press Release: Bobby Paraknight, a multi-talented artist rising high from New York City, releases his third single Baptism By Fire! After being critically acclaimed and praised for his exciting new sound and cinematic music videos, he comes out with what is said to be his “Best Work, Yet”. Bobby, An Actor, multi-instrumentalist Singer-Songwriter and a

Pop, Rock, RnB

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