Ori Shlez – new release – Virtual Groove

Ori Shlez – new release – Virtual Groove

After dedicating countless years to collaborating with artists from around the world, Ori Shlez, the exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalist, is finally unveiling his long-awaited debut album.

This remarkable project features a convergence of Grammy-winning artists and budding talents, resulting in a meticulously crafted musical journey that perfectly embodies Ori’s profound adoration for his favorite genre.

The album showcases an unparalleled level of artistry and authenticity, with each track resonating with a modern interpretation that could easily be mistaken for a lost gem from the legendary Quincy Jones.

Spanning the rich spectrum of Soul and R&B, Ori’s masterful compositions are interwoven with a nostalgic essence reminiscent of the iconic Motown and the enchanting melodies of the seventies era.

This eagerly anticipated release is a testament to Ori Shlez’s unparalleled talent and his unwavering dedication to timeless music.

featured song …

Virtual Groove is a funky soulful upbeat classic from The OriShlez Project.

Virtual Groove