Sletta’s new song Do What You Want

Sletta’s new song Do What You Want

Sletta, a Norwegian vocalist and songwriter currently based in London, crafts a mesmerizing blend of jazz, neo-soul, and folk elements in her music.

Drawing inspiration from her homeland’s breathtaking landscapes and harmonizing them with the diverse and bustling influences of London, Sletta creates a unique sonic experience that transcends boundaries.

For her, music is more than just an escape from the everyday; it serves as a platform to raise awareness and spark conversations about essential matters like feminism, mental health, and environmental issues. Sletta is deeply inspired by artists who fearlessly express their vulnerability and authenticity through their music, and she aims to follow suit with her own musical journey.

Through her project, Sletta seeks to engage listeners by being both honest and thought-provoking, inviting them into a world where music becomes a catalyst for change.

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Do What You Want is about pursuing your desires and dreams in life, emphasizing self-belief and disregarding external opinions. It ́s an odd length track that starts off somewhat soft and cheesy before shifting into a more melancholic and intense bridge section.