Nicole Saphos
Figure Eights Nicole Saphos

Operating in the Fiona Apple / Dirty Projectors sphere of the alternative music spectrum, Nicole Saphos is known for her harmonically bold and rhythmically driven original music.

To date, the LA-native, Philadelphia based artist has released three critically acclaimed albums, and has performed at venerated venues such as The Kennedy Center, Smithsonian American Art Museum and Rockwood Music Hall.

In 2019, Nicole became the first songwriter invited to attend the prestigious residency program at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine. She has also received several prominent grant awards for her work in songwriting and performance, including 2018 & 2020 Artist & Scholars grants from the Montgomery County Arts Council, and a 2020 Regional Independent Artist Award from the Maryland State Arts Council.

Inspired by thoughts surrounding patterns and compulsive behaviors, I wrote this from the point of view of a practiced lurker, who seeks control by constantly surveying their partners misgivings. Lyrically, I was trying to tread the line between being strung out on paranoia, and coldly self aware; “lookin’ at you can’t help”. My goal was to leave people wondering “Wait, who’s the psychopath here? The person singing, or the person they’re singing about…?”

Artist / Band:
Nicole Saphos Band
EP or Album:
Figure Eights
Featured Song:
Keepin' Eyes
Instagram - @nicolesaphosband