new release by Kofi Harmony

new release by Kofi Harmony

Kofi Harmony is distinguished by its self-taught musical virtuosity, creating enveloping harmonies that transcend the frontiers. Des Hymnes combattant le racisme so that the world lives in Harmony.

Kofi Harmony se distingue par sa virtuosité musicale autodidacte, créant des harmonies envoûtantes qui transcendent les frontières. Des Hymnes combattant le racisme afin que le monde vive en Harmony.

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Trapical Utopia delivers an enchanting sonic experience by skillfully blending the characteristic rhythms of reggae with tropical nuances.

The roots chords and soothing melodies create an atmosphere of a gentle utopia, inviting listeners to get lost in this unique reggae soundscape. Explore the musical journey of “Trapical Utopia” and let yourself be carried away by its calming reggae tones.

Trapical Utopia