The Melodic Magic of Emily Nicole Green’s ‘Thief

Emily Nicole Green, a singer-songwriter based in New York City, possesses an exceptional talent for exploring the intricacies of her emotions through her lyrics and musicality. Her ability to express vulnerability in an exquisite manner enables her writing to unveil raw emotions that resonate deeply with listeners, leaving a lasting impact.

Moreover, Green’s powerful vocals and impeccable execution of vibrato enhance the immediate impact of her songs, creating an enthralling fusion of storytelling and emotional depth.

Green embarked on her musical journey as a high school freshman; however, she encountered significant obstacles in the form of anxiety and panic attacks, which hindered her aspirations for close to two decades.

Nevertheless, in a moment of unwavering determination, she wholeheartedly committed herself to music in 2019. By sharing her rendition of cover songs on Patreon, Green attracted attention and achieved a notable milestone when her version of “Greasy Frybread” secured a place on FX’s Reservation Dogs.

Through her songwriting, Green grants herself the freedom to confront her truths, effectively processing her emotions without judgment. This approach allows her songs to be narrated by the parts of her that remain tender and vulnerable. On October 30th, Green introduced her debut EP titled “Outrunning The Animal,” an eclectic amalgamation of Americana, folk, pop, jazz, blues, and country.

This unique blend is now available for streaming and is also offered on vinyl, providing audiences with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Green’s distinctive musical style and lyrical prowess.

featurd song …

Thief is a song about the realization that opposing truths can co-exist. The idea is that someone can do things that hurt you without also being a bad person. It’s not always the case. I’m just talking about understanding that most situations (not all, but most) aren’t so black and white.

You can be “a good man” and you can also be a “goddamn thief”. Two things can be true. We are not one thing. We are not static. We do not have to paint with such a broad brush in order to feel that our pain is real. We can give ourselves permission to validate our own experiences at the same time that we can choose to see that people are complicated and made up of many parts.

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