UNA is the metamorphosis of a classical pianist into a pop singer. Sensitive to the world around her, the Brussels-based artist writes about the torments of the soul, but also about the weight of society, its excesses and its inconsistencies.

Inspired by artists like Oh Wonder, Maggie Rogers or Florence and the Machine, UNA lays her voice on sweet melodies and traces the outlines of her universe: a soft mix between her pianistic influences (Agnès Obel, Ólafur Arnalds) and her passion for electronic music.

She released her first single, Deep Ocean, in October 2021.

Thrilling, unapologetic and liberated, “Many Roads” is an anthem for women to choose the life they really want for themselves and especially regarding motherhood.

Still today, being a woman often rhymes with becoming a mother. Through this song, the artist wanted to show that everyone should be able to choose their own path and that there are many roads uncharted that can lead to happiness and self-realization.

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It's just a single called Many Roads
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Many Roads
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