elie is a 22 years old artist born in the city of Montreal. From a young age, he always showed a passion for Hip Hop. Influenced by artists such as Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole, elie started taking music seriously around the age of 18 years old. Started off making instrumentals and selling them on the internet to fund his ambitions of a music career.

Elie credits his beat-making days for his understanding of song structure and his beat selection. Ever since then he’s been on a constant journey to craft a sound not only for himself but also for where he is from.

“You ever heard of the saying when you’re born in a burning house you think the whole world is on fire? That’s an analogy for how my life felt growing up in Montreal. I feel like that fire stopped for me when I moved to Repen in around 07-08.

What broke my heart was realizing that the world didn’t stop burning for a lot of people I knew and grew up with. Matter of fact, that fire only grew bigger as we got older. The flames kept me intrigued.

Hiding in the snow I always fantasized about going back. But what if I burned myself, or the people I love. Is it worth the risk? What would she think of me? The pressure from spending my days walking on eggshells. Watching this fire intensify. Far from hell, but still not the star they can rely on. It was inevitable, at the end of the day everybody’s tryna make it home. which led me to make this song.”

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