Shatzky sounds like Fiona Apple and Trent Reznor went on an intimate night out to the Carnegie Hall, but then got drunk and went to jam with the Sex Pistols.

Shatzkys´ experience began as a classically trained pianist, who excelled at the instrument, until a rebellion in her teenage years plunged her into Tel-Aviv’s vibrant music scene.

She started a punk band, became a DJ, worked as a sound engineer all before the age of 21. Then she trained to become a dancer, with performances on Israel’s Prime TV as well as as a 4-year contract dancing with Sheketak. The piano had taken a back seat for almost 10 years until an impromptu request from a friend helped her rediscover her primary instrument, and set her on a new songwriting path.

She then became the lead singer of Israel’s cult band, Eatliz, and has been performing internationally as a solo musician since 2006. After a move to Berlin, she created Alles Klar- an electro-rock duo that would later inspire her current project, where she now continues to pour her angsty heart out. Her resume is as eclectic as her music style, including being the lead singer and keyboardist for Berlin-based band Netanya and various festival performances with AllesKlar.

She takes all her experiences and melds them together to create a genre-bending and dynamic musical experience, where polished pop aesthetics, shredding guitars and virtuoso piano playing coexist harmoniously, defying any attempts to confine her artistry within a single genre.

#Mess: It’s hard to put into words just how intense this song is for me. It’s the most intimate and exposed I’ve ever been through my music.

Sharing this song feels like I’m unveiling a part of myself that could potentially reshape how you see me, especially since my previous releases carried such different messages. But that’s the beauty of art.

Just as I’ve found myself in tears watching movies because I connect with someone else’s emotions and perspective, I hope ‘Mess’ lets you connect with my feelings in this song. It’s a reminder that you’re not alone if you’ve ever felt like you are a mess.

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