Band Of Pockets an innovative music collaboration

Band Of Pockets an innovative music collaboration

Band of Pockets, an innovative music collaboration, emerged on the scene in 2020, led by guitarist and songwriter Johan Nilsson, and featuring the incredibly talented soul-singer and rap artist Yona Marie.

Together, they have dedicated their efforts to creating and unveiling an impressive collection of over 25 enthralling songs. Seamlessly blending various genres such as soul, R&B, funk, pop, and disco, their music offers a delightful fusion of styles.

The core members of Band of Pockets consist of Johan Nilsson on guitars and synths, Yona Marie lending her captivating vocals, Samuel V Nilsson on bass, and Jason Meekins on drums. However, their exceptional talents are further enhanced by the contributions of additional highly skilled musicians who infuse their soulful essence and captivating grooves into the mix.

The recent release of their newest EP, Is It Real Love? on January 10th, 2024, has generated great excitement.

This soulful and funky compilation comprises five retro-inspired tracks that enchant listeners with infectious melodies and a timeless flair.

Mostly composed by Johan Nilsson and Yona Marie, with a sprinkling of exceptions, the EP has been expertly produced, arranged, and mixed by the gifted Johan Nilsson.

featured song …

Is It Real Love? is a catchy funky retro soul number about the doubts when a man shows his affection, but you wonder: is it really REAL Love?