Abby Asabea – The Way it Was

Abby Asabea – The Way it Was

Abby Asabea, an immensely talented artist, has devoted years to honing her craft in secrecy. Effortlessly blending the timeless essence of classic soul with contemporary sounds, Abby effortlessly transports listeners to an era when true musicianship was the norm for any artist.

Surprisingly, she has been operating in isolation, without the assistance of any management. However, she has been fortunate to receive support from illustrious organizations such as Youth Music, which is funded by the influential platforms TikTok and the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Throughout 2023, Abby has been steadily paving the way for a fresh wave of soul-infused artistry, gracing our ears with captivating singles from her highly anticipated debut EP.

Her eclectic approach to music promises to captivate audiences and redefine the genre in exciting new ways.

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The Way it Was is a dynamic indie, pop soul track that serves as an uplifting ode to resilience, conveying the painful yet transformative process of accepting heartbreak.

The infectious bassline intertwines seamlessly with powerful vocals, resonating the artist’s poignant message about learning to heal from loss and emerge stronger.

An undercurrent of funk infuses a sense of hopeful optimism into the emotionally charged narrative, depicting the end of a romantic relationship not as a devastation, but as a launchpad for personal growth and renewal.

The Way it Was