Rohan Hardi Hard I’m Doing Fine Mom

Rohan Hardi Hard I’m Doing Fine Mom

Eager to make his presence felt in 1999, after migrating to Brooklyn New York, Rohan Hardi Hard started an independent label known as S & S Production. This gave birth to his first single, Look Good, which was released in 2004, along with its music video.

As he continued his musical journey, a second single and video quickly emerged, entitled, Tickle Me. He was assisted by Xtreme Music which helped to make the project a successful one. Enthused, Inspired and Motivated, SPICE YOOTH started writing and producing.

He also started a family label “Level Head Music” with his Stepdad, the legendary Reggae roots artist DELROY MELODY and his Mom MRS CLAUDETTE FORD JONES. Songs that were released under Level Head Music were, “Music Is Life” written by ROHAN ROBINSON and recorded by Delroy Melody, featuring KIP-RICH and “Hot Boy Flexing”, performed by Spice Yooth.

Now he’s ROHAN HARDIHARD, with new releases I’m Doing Fine Mom and Trouble With My Bride and the rest is History!

Featured Song:
I'm Doing Fine Mom