Taste of Dream, a unique yet inviting sonic experience

Taste of Dream, a unique yet inviting sonic experience

Bask in the Taste of Dream, a unique yet inviting sonic experience crafted masterfully by Andrea Soru. Teamed with the bold blues of Carly Harvey, DC’s crowned queen of this genre, you will discover a world full of vibrant, soulful, and intimate melodies. After their iconic rendition of Lucio Dalla’s “Caruso”, they are back with an enticing cover of Nina Simone’s piece which—the artists claim—echoes in “Dicitencello vuje”. But before we delve into the harmonious collaboration of these accomplished artists, let’s get familiar with their individual contributions.

Taste of Dream

Taste of Dream

Immersive, colorful, and coated in spirituality, Italian-based Andrea Soru’s project, Taste of Dream, is a refreshingly unique blend of chillout and world fusion music. The soulful tunes promise to teleport you to a spirituality-suffused world, each note a taste of a dream. Could music stimulate spiritual awakening? Could sounds convey warmth, energy, and igniting an intimate dialogue with oneself?

In Taste of Dream, the answer is a resounding yes. As a melodic storyteller, Soru kindles an experience that synchronizes body, mind, and spirit — a true taste of celestial serenity and reverie.

Carly Harvey: The Reigning Queen of DC Blues

From 2016 to 2022, Carly Harvey has held the throne as DC’s Queen of Blues. Winning the Wammie Award for Best Blues Artist 2021, coupled with her feat in the Petite Plus Model industry, Harvey personifies talent wrapped in beauty. Her music? A soulful narrative of heartfelt blues, encouraging listeners to embrace each note, clasp the transcendent experiences, and swing to the bluesy rhythms.

Can we downplay the impact and influence of Carly Harvey on the blues scene? Absolutely not, she dominates it tiara and all!

The Creative Collaboration: An Homage to the Classics

The collaboration between Taste of Dream and Carly Harry is nothing short of a musical feast. They’ve already delighted audiences with their famous cover of Lucio Dalla’s “Caruso”. They’re now back with a captivating cover derived from Nina Simone that pays homage to “Dicitencello vuje” – a popular Neapolitan tune rumored to have inspired Dalla. How does this fusion fare in the realm of music? It transcends borders, melds cultures, and resonates smoothly in the orchestra of humanity.

This stunning partnership challenges the boundaries of modern music, blending a variety of sounds and influences while remaining true to authentic musical expression. It serves as a shining example of fusion music at its finest – evocative, provocative, and extraordinarily memorable.

In the end, the fusion of Taste of Dream and Carly Harvey explores the depth of soundscapes, bringing together different cultural vibes, leading us in a spiritual journey through poignant melodies, and ultimately reminding us of the harmonious symphony called life.