Scott AF

Scott AF

Raised as a mid-western gentleman, Mr. Fleenor himself is adapting very well to his new home spot, Denver, Colorado. As a Producer and Singer/Songwriter, Scott AF is a very inspirational and humorous fellow. He’s always pushing people to be their greatest and will have you belly laughing at least once if you ever meet him. If you’re looking to not only see through the lenses of his creativity but feel it, we then welcome you to listen to Scott AF.

Scott A. Fleenor is currently based in Denver, Colorado, United States
Genres: Indie Pop, Bedroom Pop, Soul Pop
Moods Energetic, Chill

This song started developing during the hard times of Covid, when the world was shut down for six weeks.

The topic discusses haters and the spite of foul mouthing and being bitter. Many people can relate and hold onto this message. The story inspires people to trust again, and find the right friendships/groups to be a part of, that not only respect you but inspire you.

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