Jun Parker presents Funky Nostalgia music

Enter a world of Funky Nostalgia through all-original bilingual songs inspired by Retro Tokyo sounds and City Pop blending elements of soul, funk, and jazz into pop-based song-writing steeped in Japanese sentimentalism. Jun Parker’s first two singles released in the second half of 2022 garnered radio play across the continents. With international music festival appearance also under his belt, the Australia-based artist is gearing up for new single releases.

Here comes the club remix version of Say Goodbye recorded in Yokohama, Japan remade into a beat-driven dancer tune. An assured modernised transformation from a City Pop medium number into one that gets your feet tapping while still leaving a retro Tokyo scent behind. Uniquely the song is set in the Australian outback sang in a story-telling fashion in Japanese. The repeated phrases “say goodbye” and “c’est la vie” in chorus bridge the lingual and cultural gap in this apocalyptically surreal and nostalgic storyline.