Elton Hendrix Project

Thoughts and influences behind the song “Never run away”
How can you be sure you will never run from the one you loved and considered so valuable. When you choose the one you love, that one is priceless. At one wedding ceremony the couple were ask if they would to stop the ceremony and go in separate directions and never see each other again for a million dollars. Absolutely not was their adamant reaction. They were told then that what they have is the most valuable possession that they have ever had and should do everything to protect it. The couple spoke to a gentleman that had an antique car they wanted to use in the ceremony but the man said,” I can’t guarantee its use because I don’t let it go out in the rain”. He protected it against all possible intrusions. As the song says, “These hard times can get me down, but you’ve got nothing to do with that”. Never let the pressures of this life make you take it out on your most valuable possession and become an intrusion in your relationship. The song continues, “These big stones are in my path, but that’s not where you’re at” Don’t let your loved one become just another stone blocking your path. These are just two of the many things you can do to protect this valuable possession. You have to talk things out and settle things right away“Be wrathful, but do not sin; do not let the sun set while you are still angry” Ephesians 4:26