Anonymous GIA

Anonymous GIA

Anonymous GIA (G.I.A) also known as A dot Gia, & Jungle Bebe started his music career 15th January 2021.
A self proclaimed nobody chasing a dream, in the hopes that his music will reach, relate and speak to people.
His music covers an array of topics, as he writes about his life experiences and expresses emotions through music.

G.I.A’s rap genre is melodic rap, but he also dabbles in UK/US Drill, Hip-Hop and Afro Swing.

With music and it’s impact as the sole focus of his artistry, G.I.A chose to keep his identity anonymous gearing to a more organic reach and support of his work.

Starting of on Instagram lives showcasing his talent, he grew a fan base and also caught the eye of a lot of artist in the industry.

After just 7 months, Anonymous GIA released his debut single ‘OHNO’ on a single distribution deal with Universal Music Group France & Label MCA.

With a continuous growing audience and a bright future ahead, Anonymous GIA is truly an artist creating a lane of his own.

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