Queue Music. Hit Play. Episode 5

Queue Music. Hit Play. Episode 5

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” – Keith Richards

Queue the Music is a series featuring emerging hip hop artist with a splash of r&b, pop, jazz, rock and more … to add to your playlist.

Take a few minutes … scroll, stop & listen. Allow the artists in our spotlight to color your world …

Shyli Madhala is a singer, songwriter.

The bottom line is – music heals me. Ever since I can remember myself, singing has been my way of self soothing. My way of connecting back to my body and the world.

In this point in my journey, raising my child and healing from my eye opening dis-eases, I don’t really have a budget to make and release my songs the way I want to, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

So I found my way to keep singing and connecting with the world, through this new release ‘No Budget’. End of the Month is one of two songs featured on No Budget.

I hope you enjoy it I Hope you enjoy your life ❤️


Burned out, bored, deceived, and screwed over by the “business,” this successful singer songwriter walked away from music at a young age. Lil Cheugy D moved on to carve out a career in the corporate world where he made a comfortable life for himself and his family. ‘

After a life changing event, he was forced to reassess his priorities. Now, with the advent of digital music allowing greater control of the artist, produced for art’s sake rather than for the suits, his new identity of Lil Cheugy D has emerged.

Paid Our Dues is intended as a cross over between hip hop and more traditional music from the 60s and 70s. It’s about a couple that have been through a lot and one partner wants the other to make a commitment or part ways. It’s intense, direct, and melodic with production that supports the theme and lyrical progress.


Frank Black

Kick Back and Relax is a song about letting go and using a trance-style chorus to relax the mind. Just taking time to enjoy and be at peace with life.

A song to put you in a good mood, celebrate, and enjoy the present moment.


Built in Detroit, Strange Heart has been producing “pop-rock that always sounds like it’s in flight” (Jeff Milo, Deep Cutz) since 2018.

The new release, Do You, pulls out all the stops with a full horn section, congas, harmonies all over the place, and a hook that is not going to let you go. So don’t fight it. We’re glad you’re here.


Roja$ is a singer, rapper out of upstate, SC. His vocal delivery and style including his ability to create across multiple genres offer listeners variety while exploring Roja$’ catalogue.

Show It Off is a Reggaeton record performed in English and Spanish with a feature from Riot, an emerging Atlanta based artist. The unique vocal styles of Roja$ and Riot work so well to create a surge of positive energy that urges listeners to move and dance.


Richard Orofino, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter & producer, is in possession of a broad palette of musical skills and boundless inspiration.

Johnnycakes uses lyrical references and themes from “The Soprano’s”, while also sticking close to Richard Orofino’s personal life. The song, created with Christian Taylor, utilizes a blend of pop-rock sounds from today and the late 90’s – early 2000’s.

Johnnycakes is about deeply desiring something you know you shouldn’t have. Whether it’s in that moment or for good, it’s a really tough reality to grasp either way.


Blak Emoji is the nom de plume of acclaimed New York City producer, recording artist, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kelsey Warren.

Following a series of critically and commercially successful releases, multiple TV and film placements, U.S. and European tours, and a host of accolades from front-line publications like Rolling Stone and Tape Op, Blak Emoji has joined the celebrated roster at ECR Music Group.

Warren was first immersed in Soul, R&B, and Pop music growing up in South Jersey, but after his rigorous music studies learning piano concertos and Jazz-guitar standards led him to Electronic music, Hip-hop, and Punk, he found himself drawing on new influences ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Björk, and from Prince to Kraftwerk.

These diverse-but-intertwined influences are represented clearly throughout his distinguished recorded catalog––a catalog ECR Music Group is now remastering and reissuing in full in 2022 and 2023.

His body of work has garnered praise from equally-diverse corners of the music world: All Access Music calls Warren “A brainy, substantive and complex writer.” Glam Glare describes his work as, “Alluring and infectious.” Black Rock Coalition proclaims Blak Emoji to be, “A sexy come on that champions intellect.”

Blak Emoji is set to begin an exciting new chapter with ECR Music Group ..

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Passionate about helping people experience the life-altering love of Jesus and build foundations of worship. Matt Aston is a worship leader & songwriter using music as a catalyst for personal devotion, corporate worship and spreading the gospel.

With the release of his newest single, Stir The Fire, he wants listeners to ask God to grow our passion for Him, the Church, and our faith to grow the Kingdom.

Stir The Fire was written with Steve Davis (SONS THE BAND) , and produced by Jordan Colle (SONS THE BAND).


Angel Mutesasira is a 22 year old female from North West London. Angel is inspired by artists from all genres. Not only does Angel sing, write, produce and mix her own music independently, she promotes it herself too.

Fly Away is a beautiful track that has a simple yet powerful hook. I love the ambience of this track. Very chill vibes!


Here is Stephen Khi with a club banger called LA Lounge. Born in Nigeria but relocated to United Kingdom at the age of 15. A chemical engineer who used to write lyrics instead of doing coursework.

LA Lounge is a song that seeks to be played in the clubs and on the radio to entertain the audience and listeners.

It is an afrobeat song that will make the listeners dance and enjoy the beat, flow and lyrics. The lyrics were specially written simple to make it easy for listeners to memorise and sing along.


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