Hannah Weis
Hannah Weis

A London-born mama of 3 based in Israel, Hannah decided to go for it with her songwriting dream at 32 years-old.

Raised on a strict religious outlook that treats female singing in public as taboo, her debut as an independent artist represents a woman stepping into her own creative power.

Blending elements of blue-eyed soul, broad musical influences and a passion for clever lyrics, Hannah’s music offers honesty with catchy hooks and a hint of humor.

“White Bicycle” was one of those songs that tumbled out at the piano fully-formed, on a fraught winter’s day in March 2020. Prompted by a quirky song title suggestion and a 4-chord pattern, its story and wistful melody gave voice to the sense of angst and helplessness in the air at the prospect of a forced lockdown. Its anthemic refrain “feeling free” is an aspiration and celebration – of finding relief, and taking back control of the handlebars.

Artist / Band:
Hannah Weis
Featured Song:
White Bicycle
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