Electric Sol a unique blend of synthpop n indie

Electric Sol a unique blend of synthpop n indie

Electric Sol, a five-member indie synthpop band, captures the essence of the vast American Southwest with a poised and professional demeanor. Rooted in independence, curiosity, open-mindedness, and respect, this distinctively eccentric group of individuals thrives on mutually enriching one another’s diverse perspectives on life.

Originally conceived as a solo studio endeavor by the lead singer and songwriter Ed Sweet, Electric Sol initially revolved around the idea of authoring a book chronicling a band’s quest for success through performances at Native American casinos.

However, he decided to abandon the story and channel his creative energy into making music in the studio. This led to the formation of the band for electrifying live performances.

The current lineup comprises Ed on lead vocals, Lindsey Bair providing compelling backup vocals, Robert Bates skillfully playing the keys, Eddie Rossi infusing the sound with his guitar prowess, and Tanner Smith driving the rhythm on the drums.

With their unique blend of synthpop and indie sounds, Electric Sol captivates audiences while embracing the spirit of individuality and exploration.

California Dreaming is a dreamy, chill dance song about striving for success and enjoying the ride.

California Dreaming