Dandy Guts

Dandy Guts

Dandy Guts: Independent artist nourished by various musical currents, and, in particular, by those who lived together, sometimes going so far as to mix in the late 80s.

His way of singing is provocative, proud, cynical, sexy and often poetic. There is a lot of sweetness, freshness and a lot of melodies stick in your head. His music is real, very personal and uncompromising, it does not sound like something known but it moves the head, the heart and the body. It’s very sincere and you feel a real unity with your partners.

His musical career is dotted with encounters that will most of the time give birth to albums.

Dandy Guts presents his new single titled: “Tribute”. This pop instrumental title refers to awareness and speaking out during the Vietnam War during significant events, such as the march for civil rights. Thus, the Woodstock Festival held in August 1969 in the United States generated a very strong mobilization.

Indeed, a generation that thirsted for ideals, dreamed of a utopia, weary of conflicts, wars and discrimination. These citizens shared their desire for peace and a peaceful vision of the future. Equal opportunities, co-education, diversity, women’s rights to control their bodies, respect for the planet, human-centered society, so many issues that are being questioned these days.

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