YoursTru Bigga

YoursTru Bigga, a native of Tampa, Florida, considers himself to be a student of the game, having spent years as a fan of artists from various locales, and the end result is a hip-hop melting pot. He believes that the strength of an artist lies in the ability to take the ordinary things around you […]

Charm the Riot

Charm The Riot shares his unique experience of life in his music. Always experimenting with sounds and styles, he blends old school rap tradition with new school techniques. He performs live with a 3-piece band that consists of Rob McCord on guitar, Jeromy Smirnoff on bass and Denny Eastwood on drums. The influence of live […]


LDUBÉ is a local artist from Swansea trying to make a scene in his hometown to show how much talent there is around the world, especially in Swansea. LDUBÉ makes music to express himself and to demonstrate how he and his boys live in Swansea and how they rep their city. LDUBÉ, along with his […]

O Racks

O Racks is CEO & Artist Of Tree Gang Entertainment. he is from Hempstead, New York (Long Island) & he represents his city everyWhere he goes. Tree Gang Stands For The R.eal Elevates Everyday – Gain Achieve Never Giveup.


Illustrious isfrom Middlesbrough, England. He began writing poetry from a very young age, which eventually led to writing lyrics for bands, and books. Illustrious justrecently started rapping. He wants to try spread not only a positive vibe but also a strong message about certain topics that are meaningful to him.

Lucky T.A.G.S.

Lucky T.A.G.S is a female artist, from Alabama. She served 7 years on active duty, in the Army. Lucky T.A.G.S’ song is about being motivated to chase your dreams, and not letting someone tell you what you can and can’t do.

G-Town BlackTrab

G-Town BlackTrab is a Producer/Artist from Miami Dade County Co-Producing with Slick E Miami with new music from the bottom. Reminds you of the modern 2LIVECREW from Luke Records. Similar to artists such LV Stacks, G-Town Mike, G-Town BlackTrab, G-Town Slick E Miami, West Grove, Rebelz, Lambo, Young Hustla, Cliff Black and more.