YoursTru Bigga

YoursTru Bigga, a native of Tampa, Florida, considers himself to be a student of the game, having spent years as a fan of artists from various locales, and the end result is a hip-hop melting pot. He believes that the strength of an artist lies in the ability to take the ordinary things around you and create something extraordinary. Just as a painter can paint a beautiful portrait of the simplest thing, YoursTru Bigga strives to put into words the situations that we as people face every day, thus making his music something that people from all walks of life can relate to.

Weekend is the latest single from YoursTru Bigga featuring Kidd Dreamz from the forthcoming project, “Undacover Bo$$”. This track captures the essence of summer, as YoursTru raps about his weekend exploits. Produced by 3GGoinViral, and mixed and mastered at Tampa’s Deep Productions by multi-platinum producer and engineer extraordinaire Bryan Tyson, this track is sure to set the club and the airwaves on fire. Brought to you by UndaSound Intertainment.

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