Undiagnosable – Allison Ivy (Original Song)

Allison Ivy, is a young and very talented singer, actress, and dancer from Utah.

Singing all of her life, she became serious about it at the age of 14. She has a YouTube channel where she posts her latest music videos. Her latest video published on her channel is a cover of Alessia Cara’s “Wild Things.”

Allison is a student of the renowned voice coach, Debra Bonner, and has also trained with Efrem Channel, Melinda Hix, Jonathan George, and world-famous vocal coach, Seth Riggs. She also trained in the Hollywood Launch program, a triple threat, artist development training program, in both Provo, Utah, and Los Angeles, California. Additionally, she been working with Mauli B., a vocal director for platinum selling and Grammy award winning artists, and is set to release an EP of original songs in the coming months. You can listen to one of her original songs produced by Mauli B.

Allison has big dreams and with her talent, supportive family, and work ethic, there is no doubt that she will reach them. She is signed with Dream Talent Management and Maverick Artist Agency.

WIshing Allison all the best and will be following her for years to come.