Self Suffice drops Trapped Chapter 8

Self Suffice, the charismatic lyricist whose album with J Cole’s engineer Mez made it to the Indie Hip-Hop Top 40.

Self Suffice

Trapped Chapter 8, the 1st solo album from Self Suffice since recording his critically acclaimed “Manhattan Night” cd. 

I know you are asking yourself at this point “Trapped, Chapter 8? – did I miss the other chapters?”

Yes, yes you did. Trapped, Chapter 8 is just one of 12 chapters from the album SELF CONTROL.

Down (Chapter 1) Confused (Chapter 2) Betrayed (Chapter 3) Provoked (Chapter 4) Stuck (Chapter 5) Deniable (Chapter 6) Distant (Chapter 7) Trapped (Chapter 8) Dedicated (Chapter 9) Going (Chapter 10) Got (Chapter 11) Aware (Chapter 12)

Self Suffice gives us a semi-autobiographically cd that describes the struggles many creative people go through, on the way to aligning with their true purpose.

From poverty, shame, and confusion; to accountability, interdependence, and focus. Each track sees the protagonist, Kha-elL, overcome a defeatist mindset in a journey of increasing Self Control. 

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