hip hop artist Naive

When starting a musical career, it can sometimes be hard to pave a path for yourself. For Southern California hip-hop producer, NAIVE, he just stuck to what he knew and the path developed naturally.

By pulling from his old school influences, such as J-Dilla, Madlib, 9th Wonder, and combining it with a modern sound aesthetic, NAIVE creates a unique listening experience that encapsulates what makes both eras so great. “My style or sound is definitely different from the majority of beatmakers, and I think that is what makes it special.

Every time I listen to a new artist, I want to experience something I haven’t before” says NAIVE on his creative process.

When NAIVE set out to start his musical career he had one goal, to inspire others like the greats who inspired him. While NAIVE has found solace in hip-hop music, he was not always on this path and it was the work of those who came before him that helped him find what he loves.

Because of this, NAIVE feels an obligation to create a unique listening experience that’ll inspire his fans to pursue whatever that want.

In the future, NAIVE wants to develop more with the help of his friends and fans and hopes to branch out and collaborate with other artists to create timeless records that’ll inspire the next generation of future artists.