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Music submission is as quick and easy as answering a few questions & hitting submit. We will add a sample of music somewhere on the site and promise to get to it asap.

Please click on one of the two submission forms:

_  I stumbled on this site and want Free Music Submission
_  I have been pre-screened & approve and I can prove it. Let Me In.

Oh yeah, MusicSubmit members, that have been pre-screened and approved, & will be Featured Artist.

Want to catch our attention quicker on your music submission.

Head over to DropTrack and submit your music. There is a small fee but that fee keeps us up and running and makes you a Featured Artist.

Want more music promotion? We also offer full music promotion packages through Fiverr. Feel free to check out our FIVE STAR service at Fiverr.

Recap: three place that will give your music a definite spot on our site, playlist and work it’s way through our network.

  1. MusicSubmit
  2. DropTrack
  3. Fiverr