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Tommy Disgrace

Tommy Disgrace is a new artist from Lisbon, Portugal, focusing in mixing heavy music genres like trap/hip-hop/rap and hardcore/electronic.

York Land

A Jazz and Hip Hop influenced instrumental track.

A german melodic punk band from hesse, the band was founded in 2018 as a fun project, and just recently started producing. Founding members are Mathias Zinkand (drums), Tobias Höfer (guitar), Christoph Zinkand (bass), Leschek Karwoth (vocals) and Marc Stuwe (trumpet)

The mix of the fast punky rock with the trumpet is what makes it so awesome


Hinkfuss is the solo project of Francesco Di Marco, one half of the duo Electric Drama. On May 2020, he released his first EP under the moniker Hinkfuss: ‘The Glasgow Effect’, entirely self-produced during the Covid-19 isolation.

Moving away from the most dreamlike and post punk sounds of Electric Drama, with his solo debut he dives into more pop and nostalgic atmospheres

DJ NoWay

DJ NoWay makes music that you can feel without hearing a single syllable.

The twenty-nine-year-old Lansing native has long been inspired by the greatest producers in their field, whether that be a 9th Wonder in hip-hop or a Ryan Leslie in R&B, even a Hanz Zimmer in terms of scores and classical compositions.

NoWay does not rap or sing at all and therefore needs to let the music do the talking for him. Over the years he has crafted a sound that operates as a language and a creative process that acts as therapy to him.

Kendall Wright

Kendall Wright is an upcoming artist from Philadelphia. He delivers a fresh sound and optimistic vibe that is needed in the current music industry.

Nana Kofi

An African artist with a lot of stories to share to the world.

TNF Soto

Team No Feelingz Soto The Goat Making Music For The World To Hear That Heat

Captain Chronic

Born and raised in DC area. 16-years-old making music independently alongside a few producers. Looking for playlists to expand my audience.

Todd B

ToddB is a guitarist, composer and music producer. He uses elements of jazz, funk, blues and chill creating a dope style with infectious melodies that will leave you wanting to hear more.