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Vona B., is a extraordinarily talented young lady from the Bay Area whose passion and natural talent for performing was evident at a very young age. Born in Oakland, CA, Vona B. is an R&B Artist, whose influences range from Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Ari Lennox and Kehlani.

Vona B.

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Vona B. self-released her debut EP “Down To Mars” in 2016. She then released three singles in 2017: “Running”, “Touch” and “My Way”. 

Vona B.’s released “Pieces” in late January 2020 in tribute to her brother, RBCBugzy who passed away in late December 2019. 

Her current release “Run It Up” is anthem of self confidence and self affirmation for all who continue to grind despite the obstacles.

RadioAirplay.com reviewed the song and stated: “Vona B. blends old school instrumental vibes with real world ambitions in her original track, “Run It Up”! Bringing listeners into the artist’s mindset of perseverance and dedicated pursuit, Vona B.’s “Run It Up” reveals an authentic sense of purpose and a passion for the craft – deftly dropping lyrical and melodic hooks at every turn. Vona B.’s style is immaculate! Finding a skillful vocal balance between sultry and searing, every line of “Run It Up” lands with significant impact, dancing effortlessly between smoothly melodic hooks and a laid-back but razor-sharp bridge. The instrumentals are perfect for the track as well – coloring the entire experience through classic R&B tones and a nostalgically clear bounce and lilt!”  

A Lover of Life, Vona B., a self-proclaimed “Hippie” strives to make music that makes you move, challenges your thoughts, and lifts your spirit.

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