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Singer, composer, Berklee College of Music graduate, VCage, is a multi-instrumentalist that can literally make music with whatever is in front of him.

Whoever has listened to VCAGE can prove that his imagination, sensitivity and technical knowledge go beyond the mainstream. Keyboard, guitar, percussion, bottles and even pizza boxes are some of the instruments that allow VCAGE to create an adventurous, unique, and bold musical concept.

After being away of the music scene for several years VCAGE, came back to make music only about whatever came to him, just to enjoy it. But within time he wanted to have a record and to share his real thoughts with others. So with the help of his closest musician mates he started off with what is for him now one of the quest of his life.

SLAM ME is the title of the first single of the pop Indie artist. On this issue, ahead of his new EP, the multi-instrumentalist has expressed his most hidden feelings, those who kept him on the verge of madness after a toxic relationship in which he suffered emotional violence.

After years of writing and composing songs, VCAGE releases a really introspective project raising his voice about some problems that the society keep hiding due to shame or lack of importance. “When the feeling is right music just flows right through you” VCAGE

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