Lil Cheugy D

Burned out, bored, deceived, and screwed over by the “business,” this successful singer songwriter walked away from music at a young age. Lil Cheugy D moved on to carve out a career in the corporate world where he made a comfortable life for himself and his family. ‘

After a life changing event, he was forced to reassess his priorities. Now, with the advent of digital music allowing greater control of the artist, produced for art’s sake rather than for the suits, his new identity of Lil Cheugy D has emerged.

Paid Our Dues is intended as a cross over between hip hop and more traditional music from the 60s and 70s. It’s about a couple that have been through a lot and one partner wants the other to make a commitment or part ways. It’s intense, direct, and melodic with production that supports the theme and lyrical progress.

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