Les Jeux Sont Funk

Les Jeux Sont Funk were born in the Dolomites and their polestar is the groove, that is, the abstract energy that generates body movement. Their music has one foot turned towards the funk bands of the 60s and 70s, the other foot aiming at the emotional kaleidoscope of soul and a third (cyborg) foot tempted by the seductions of the electronic scene.

Les Jeux Sont Funk’s new single “K2” marks their return to the mothership Irma Records. The song is dedicated to the mountain itself, to the promises of adventure contained in its name (originated from a mistake, as K2 was once considered the second peak of the Karakorum). This is the most explicitly funk track of the EP “Bergweh”, with an inexorable bass line governing the thang from start to finish.

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