LeFLOFRANCO is an emerging artist from the Ottawa-Gatineau region, of Haitian origin. He offers a versatile sound, married to accessible and universal lyrics.

Seeking to push the French-Canadian HipHop scene (#RapFrancoCan) to new horizons, LeFLOFRANCO takes great pleasure in collaborating with a variety of producers and beatmakers, including the renowned Montreal producer; Sonny Black (Corneille, K-Maro, IMPOSS , Sans Pression), the producer behind several Gatineau artists; QUEST (D-Track, Misa, District 11), the Ontario DJ everyone is talking about; DJ UNPIER (Sarahmée, Jacobus, Chloé Doyon), as well as up-and-coming beatmakers like CHEVDOT, PHYZI and DJ SKORPYON.

It’s collaborations like these that allowed FLO to describe his musical universe as “multicolored urban pop”. A style of his own that transcends and captivates multiple audiences; Anglophones and Francophones, young and old.

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