KROZS feat. SailorGang

KROZS feat. SailorGang

KROZS is an R&B artist from Harlem, NYC, who grew up surrounded with music at home and at church. After years of acting in series, films and videoclips, as well as busking and performing in small venues in the US, Japan and Brazil, and after releasing his debut EP “Departures”, KROZS gathered enough music and life experience to show the world what he is really capable of as a contemporary R&B/hip-hop singer and songwriter.

“START IT UP”, out on August 26th, sets the tone for the 4-track R&B/hip-hop party that he will be releasing month after month until the end of 2022. This single hits us with the exciting thrill of anticipation in our minds before going on a date with someone you want so, so bad. This one in particular happened in the 4th largest city in the world: São Paulo, Brazil.

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