Garren Grant, better known by his stage name DatYunginG5, is an artist based out of Mims, FL. DatYunginG5 released his debut Mixtape “Monochromatic” in October 2018 through E.S.3.U. Music Group and broke new ground showing the true passion, pain, anger & versatility throughout the 15 song LP. With features from other Florida artists such as Woop, Soldier Kidd, BTR Chris & Father Lucas, this album truly shows the gritty side of the southern music scene and paves a way to a new wave of hip-hop. In December 2019, DatYunginG5 released his first album titled “Misery Loves Company”. With big tracks like “Prove My Point” featuring Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Lil Gnar, this set the young artist apart from just another rapper leading to multiple tours throughout 2020.

Rotting Inside was written about going through a rough break up at a young age. DatYunginG5 and Canadian producer Dutch Revz decided to genre blend the 80’s synth styled Melodies with modern day hip-hop and pop vocals to bring this song to life. “Rotting Inside” was the final single release for DatYunginG5’s album “Dying In Hollywood”. The project itself is a blend of melodic hip/hop and modern pop, making this song fit perfectly with the project. In the 4 weeks of being released it has garnered 77k views on YouTube and over 175,000 streams on Spotify.

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