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SÏAN ABLE, raw soul and emotions. Belgian songwriter, singer and pianist, SÏAN ABLE has been leading her unique and singular solo project since 2016.

After a first EP “HEKLA”, volcanic soul mixing complex rhythms and synthetic sound design, she continues with a 2nd EP “HEALING WAVES”, where she confirms the strength of her writing and her downtempo choruses, supported by her textured synths.

Signed to the Take-Off Record label, she has been working for two years on her first album, which will finally see the light of day in the fall of 2022. Songs in English and French rub shoulders brilliantly, offering a prominent place to the piano and vocal harmonies.

The resolutely pop/soul style of some tracks blends perfectly with the neo-soul productions. The first single will be released in early spring 2022, announcing the second good mood single just before summer. Surrounded by an artistic and technical production team, a manager and a PR, this first album by SÏAN ABLE will be unveiled during a unique release party show in Brussels, followed by a first solo tour, ahead of the 2023 full band tour.

Lively music, a muscled personality, a sincere voice and piano solos wrapped in sound design, a charismatic artist to discover absolutely.

IT WASN’T YOUR FAULT is the very last song written by SÏAN ABLE, yet her first single released. Setting the tone of her upcoming album, this song is about overcoming trauma and inspiring women to become the fierce queens they are meant to be.

Hoping to have an impact on women empowerment, it reminds you that you are here to create something powerful, all it takes is to focus on your future. The piano solo is overwhelmed with emotions, and the rhythms and sound design helps you find the motivation to transform the struggles of life.

Artist / Band:
Sïan Able
EP or Album:
Featured Song:
It Wasn't Your Fault
Instagram @sian.able is my favourite social for now, but I would like to reach more people and hearts on Spotify!

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