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Al Jacobi

Al Jacobi is a new wave rapper out of Denmark. His music is a mix of classic lyricism and futuristic production. The song is a conceptual piece highlighting all the gruesome things going on in our world while we just keep acting like everything is...



Bodo is an East-German Hippie Rapper. His songs reflect his past. Bodo hopes to empower depressed People with his work, hopefully saving Lives. Bodo wants to spread Love, Peace & other Positive Vibes with his Music. placed on several playlist...


TDO J@c$on

TDO J@c$on wants his music to paint a picture of the reality which is ‘life in Jackson, MS’ TDO J@c$on’s motto is R.T.O.E. (real talk over entertainment) and has set the goal to inspire change with his music, by delivering insights from his...

Hakuna Matata - Single Kuba Karibik & Mighty D

Kuba Karibik

The song Hakuna Matata is a german Hip-Hop/Afrotrap song.

The song is about enjoying the life and have no worries. Kuba Karibik is a Artists from Munich his motto is lifeisabeach




YoursTru Bigga

YoursTru Bigga, a native of Tampa, Florida, considers himself to be a student of the game, having spent years as a fan of artists from various locales, and the end result is a hip-hop melting pot. He believes that the strength of an artist lies in...



Hinkfuss is the solo project of Francesco Di Marco, one half of the duo Electric Drama. On May 2020, he released his first EP under the moniker Hinkfuss: ‘The Glasgow Effect’, entirely self-produced during the Covid-19 isolation...



D-Jay is an upcoming R&B Artist from Alabama. He is a singer, Songwriter, Rapper and audio engineer. His top musical influences include J Cole, Aaliyah, and Ne-Yo. He is a fan of all genres of music. His new Single “Canvas” is available NOW on...

Lord Conrad

Lord Conrad

A multitalented artist, Lord Conrad has made his mark in almost all forms of art. While he leaves his listeners in awe with its touching music as a songwriter, composer and DJ, he is equally at ease on the ramp as one of the hottest models...

Hip Hop Momma

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