Oligarchy Withers

Oligarchy Withers

From teaching himself to play Beethoven at the age of 6 in rural Idaho, to moving to Hollywood for music school at 19, and touring nationally in multiple rock bands, Portland-based musician, Oligarchy Withers, has dedicated the entirety of his life to music.

Grant Webb, AKA Oligarchy Withers, impresses with high caliber guitar playing, piano, and vocals. This album stands as a culmination of the blood, sweat, and tears spent in pursuit of his art.

Oligarchy Withers’ purpose is to create a soundtrack for the world’s ending; to assuage some amount of suffering from those about to gaze into death’s visage.

After performing across the U.S. for several years with national acts including Stitched Up Heart, Oligarchy Withers created a sound completely his own. He performs every instrument on the album apart from drums, and defines the record as “primarily rock with some ambience and pop sensibilities.”

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Artist / Band:
Oligarchy Withers
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Until There's Nothing Left To Imagine

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