21 year old producer producer from London UK. I love making music and being creative 🙂

Sophia Venn recently released Life I Knew, a song about life changes and how something can crash down on you and change the way of Life as you Knew it. But you have to stand tall step outside and breathe the fresh air to move on with a new life.

Queeny is a talented 23 year old with a big passion for music.

All her life, Queeny has been singing songs and playing instruments. Recently Queeny joined Zixxy Productions and they having been doing amazing work.
ATM i got covers live and working together with the producer of Zixxy Productions to find my own style and release that.

Hinkfuss is the solo project of Francesco Di Marco, one half of the duo Electric Drama. On May 2020, he released his first EP under the moniker Hinkfuss: ‘The Glasgow Effect’, entirely self-produced during the Covid-19 isolation.

Moving away from the most dreamlike and post punk sounds of Electric Drama, with his solo debut he dives into more pop and nostalgic atmospheres

Hip Hop Momma

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