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Monroe & Moralezz, @monroe_moralezz, the producer duo from Austria started as a small experimental project in October 2009. What began to develop steadily and the first successes were not lacking.

Whether dance, house, EDM, funky or pop, musically they are very diverse and cannot be assigned to any particular genre. No song is like the other. They are always reinventing themselves.

They collaborate with artists and singers from all over the world. The intensive collaboration at their label Munix Music, has also contributed to the fact that Monroe & Moralezz could develop into an all-rounder team for music over the years.

How long have you been creating music?

We start 2009 with the first steps. But before that we already worked as Dj in the clubs.

Do you have a preferred genre?

Not really. We feel very comfortable in the pop, dance, EDM, funky or house area. You can’t really classify us. Every song has its own charm.

Tell us about your latest song, EP, or album.

Happy Days was created in collaboration with Zach Sorgen, who already provided us with his voice on Taxi Driver. All three of us had an idea and turned it into a song. The content is about love. That together you can do everything in life. No matter what ups and downs you have, there’s always a happy day.

Are there any challenging aspects to writing and/or recording your music?

Basically not. We are here in the small Europe in Austria. What doesn’t work because of the distance are common studio days, because our singers are mostly from the USA or Australia. But thanks to today’s technology, it’s not that much of a hassle.

Has your style evolved since the beginning of you career?

Absolutely. We were absolute beginners when it came to production. We had to learn a lot and still do and that’s how we develop with every song.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

The diversity. We work with artists around the world. There are no borders here.

Playing live or recording in studio? Do you have a preference?

Live we play only as DJ. In the studio we can experiment more.

Do you have a preference… vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, or downloads?

In this day and age, it’s all about streaming and downloading. If I had to choose, only vinyl. You feel the vibe differently.

Tell about a magical moment or positive experience that has happened through music.

There are many, but one in particular. We haven’t had the release for the cover song “Heaven a place on earth” yet. The day I (Monroe) had to go to the hospital because of my cancer, I got the message from the label that we could release. That was a sign for me that everything was going to be alright and that’s exactly what happened.

Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

Michael Jackson, he was thrown to the ground so many times. Since childhood, he had to get up again and again. But he never gave up, no matter what he was accused of. A fighter, even if many have smiled at him.

Would you like to travel to other countries to perform your music? If so, what would be your first stop?

The west coast would be the first destination. Here is life and a lot of energy. Then the east coast from bottom to top. Australia, Asia are the next destinations.

Are you currently working on any projects we should look out for?

Yes, but are several projects. Everything is still top secret. Only so much, it goes towards summer.

Is there something you would like to say, that we didn’t cover?

You should worry less about this and that. We live in the here and now, this chance should be used and be grateful. For all new artists I can only give one thing, if it does not work today, then so be it. Try it another day and you will succeed. Sometimes certain things need a little longer to work. Thank you for the interview. We wish you a good time. Cheers, Monroe & Moralezz

Artist / Band:
Monroe & Moralezz
EP or Album:
Happy Days
Featured Song:
Happy Days

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