Despite the unexpected combination of influences, a mixtape from me4u is sonically cohesive and bound together by me4us distinct lyrical perspective on modern romance.

A self-proclaimed soft boi, me4u coos “all it takes is just one kiss/and baby I’ll be your btch” on “mr. lovesick.”

On the bluesy, 808s and Heartbreak-inspired lead single “tiny lil movie” (featuring guitar from indie rocker Boy Brooks) me4u croons, “textin’ ain’t the same/I need to hear your voice/I need to see your face/so just fckin call me” alluding to the isolation and sexual frustration many experienced over the past year.

In the accompanying music video directed and edited by me4u himself, imagery of flamingos, space, ladybugs, and destruction reproduce the chaos of his creative breakthrough producing a mixtape from me4u.

The featured song, ‘tiny lil movie’ was added to Explicit-Metal-Punk-Rock-HipHop-N-More

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