With this intrepid character, rocker with a thousand colors, indomitable vitality with explosive accents, poignant elocution, always equipped with magnificent lyrics, she multiplies everything.

Some speak of it as fire under the ice, others describe it as an inexhaustible passion; this nugget that grew in the heart of nature, discovered by Francis Cabrel, never ceases to amaze us.

The most beautiful values in the world in this unique voice do not go unnoticed, it is there all the happiness of an audience that adores it. An artist with a boundless radiance, overwhelming with grace and humanity, Mary KilS offers us, without intermediaries, a vibration that we cannot forget. Bright with love.

Talented composer and author, “Des Ailes d’Or” her long-awaited next album will for sure be full of surprises and emotions. We want it, we hope, very soon.

EN:L’Or Noir, by Mary KilS, is at the heart of the few singles that are released in turn until the summer. This song tells us about the planet, the importance of respecting it, taking care of it, opening up and uniting with beneficial and precious initiatives. The Clap, written and directed by Marion Emanuelle, a little treasure of images, is so much moving. For her next Rock album, whose main themes are love, nature, human values, Mary KilS is looking for a production.

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