Kaya Street

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A dark, bass driven ride through the apocalyptic events of 2020,

Dark|Light 2020 is a brutal account of current global affairs and a passionate rebuke to rising global nationalism and regressive forces.

Made remotely during lockdown the album features musicians and singers from across the world: Nigeria, Argentina, America, Brazil, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Jamaica, Cuba, Poland and the UK. The Dark|Light 2020 sound is immersed in a fusion blend of dub reggae and afro-indie, dealing with the themes of political protests, climate change, surveillance capitalism, state terrorism, culture wars, toxic vanity, media manipulation, progressive internationalism and pandemic exposed worldwide inequalities.

Fire in the Street is the debut single talking a bout the protests that shaped 2020 worldwide.

Fire in the Street has been placed on Unsigned Music Expo and a new playlist RnB, Soul, Reggae, n World Music

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