J.Plantana has returned to the music scene with the release of Fire Can’t Hurt Me, consisting of a lyrical introspective duo of songs titled Check, Please! and Fiction.

She hopes to infuse her hip-hop music with elements of experimental, techno, and rock music in the future.

J.Plantana has already collaborated with the likes of ZyxalagBlack100youan and others, and is excited to make music with her friends JAADE DIYOSA and Avery Grey.

Check, Please!” and “Fiction” are a pair of songs that explore feelings of pride in myself as well as the potential consequences of experiencing these emotions. After boasting on the energetic, fierce track “Check, Please!” I transition into the reflective song “Fiction,” conquering my fears of going to hell as a possible result of my pride.

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Fire Can't Hurt Me
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Instagram @j.plantana. linktree: linktree.com/jplantaan

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