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You know that feeling when you’re trying to fall asleep, but your thoughts are stuck between two worlds? On one side, the gates are creaking open to you with sleepy, golden, backlit memories, but on the other, Seinfeld is just returning from a local insurance commercial.

With one eye open, the best way forward may actually be the path of least resistance – leave the volume up while trying to fall asleep. That’s kind of where Graffiti Welfare starts and ends. Graffiti cause the spacey style and panning improvisations, like spray paint, and welfare in terms of sincere, shareable self-help.”

How long have you been creating music?

9 years

Do you have a preferred genre?

Psychedelic Pop

Tell us about your latest song, EP, or album.

Volume Pitch: This track became the lead single when it caught a pop edge I could really dance to. A cosmic left hook of punchy, psych electro, “Volume” hypnotizes the listener before carrying them to bed: “Revolving Shores nomad, home is where you’re at.”

Featuring my late grandmother and oldest brother on the cover, this ambitious album is as personal they come. From ambient to electronic, from minimalistic pop to hyperbolic psychedelic, consciousness is spinning through the wheels and reflecting off the waves, one track at a time. Who knows where you’ll wake up next? Just rinse, float, repeat.

Recorded and self-produced at home as a personal project for 5 years before being mastered by The Wheelhouse Studio in Golden, Colorado, Revolving Shores is a cosmic washing machine of pop nostalgia for the wandering soul. Label: Milleville Music Mastering: The Wheelhouse Studio

Are there any challenging aspects to writing and/or recording your music?

a) trusting my own intuition in the recording and mixing process

Has your style evolved since the beginning of you career?

I started recording pretty late, around 25 years old, and have always been inspired by bands and artists who sound different and lean towards experimentation. That’s what excites me when I’m playing, and I think the progression in quality from my first release in 2016, to Revolving Shores in 2022, is hopefully apparent.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

Innovating sounds and developing ideas over time that encourage immersion

Playing live or recording in studio? Do you have a preference?

Studio only

Do you have a preference… vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, or downloads?

Vinyl forsure

Tell about a magical moment or positive experience that has happened through music.

.My friend came to stay with me for a month while I finished mixing. He is far more technical than I am with production, and we work well together. Being able to spend a month together working on finishing the album was amazing and helped us reconnect.

Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

a) Tame Impala – hearing Lonerism and the progression from Innerspeaker was a huge inspiration for me to record on my own. b) Miles Davis – his ability to improvise while still nailing takes keeps his music and recordings fresh. Always learning from Miles. c) Animal Collective – my favorite band of all time. Their ability to use experimental effects and contrasts continues to blow my mind. I’m a huge fan and think their evolution is incredible.

Would you like to travel to other countries to perform your music? If so, what would be your first stop?

Argentina. Why not?

Are you currently working on any projects we should look out for?

Revolving Shores will be released as a 10 track Lp through Milleville Music on June 17th. Three singles with music videos precede the full album: a) Volume – April 8th b) Just Follow – May 6th c) DejaBlue – May 20th

Is there something you would like to say, that we didn’t cover?

I think the line between active and passive listening is ripe for exploration. Everyone from Brian Eno to Grateful Dead to Floating Points is in that space, between comfort and euphoria.

Artist / Band:
Graffiti Welfare
EP or Album:
Revolving Shores
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